Dining Services

Located inside the Viking Union to serve students, guests, and faculty are the Viking Union Café and Market located on the sixth floor and the Underground Coffee located on the third floor. University Dining Services operates Residential Dining HallsRetail Dining Locations and Catering to serve Western's campus.

Vendor's Row

Home to daily, weekly and quarterly vendors, the "Row" provides a slice of public market life; with espresso and Italian sodas, hand-made jewelry, locally made cookies, soups and other goodies, leather goods, South American sweaters, and a potpourri of other "home grown" goods. Located at the High Street entrance to the VU, Vendor's Row is in session, rain or shine, Monday through Friday when school is in session. Please read the  Icon Sales of Goods and Services Policy (25.6 KB) before contacting VU Reservations in VU-536, (360) 650-6131

The Information Desk

Located inside the main entrance to the Viking Union, the "Desk" is the campus clearinghouse for information about events, services, and schedules, as well as providing stamps, WWU emblematic items, and a variety of sundry items. The "Desk" is also one of several check out points for free wireless laptops for students. The "Desk" is open during the Viking Union's regular hours (the VU Homepage shows current hours), seven days a week while school is in session. VU-600 Lobby, (360) 650-3120

Lost and Found

It is located in the VU Information Desk. VU-600 Lobby, (360) 650-3120

Post Office

The Western Washington University branch of the United States Post Office is located on the 5th floor of the Viking Union, one floor down from High Street. The Post Office hours of operation are from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Monday through Friday except for intersessions. Intersession hours are Monday through Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Visit the United States Post Office web site for more details on this location.

Off-Campus Living

Off-Campus Living

Off-Campus Living is a resource for WWU students who are considering living off-campus or who already live in Bellingham’s neighborhoods. It provides tips and resources to help students make informed decisions. Find a wide array of information that includes a renter’s guide (finding a place, landlord/tenant responsibilities, setting up utilities, and all things in-between), resources for commuters, information about Bellingham, and tips on how students can make meaningful connections with their neighbors and get involved in their community.


ATMs are located in the Service Lounge of the VU-600 lobby, in the lobby of Arntzen 100 and in the Wade King Recreation Center. One of the ATMs in the VU and the one inside Arntzen Hall are no-fee, provided by Whatcom Educational Credit Union. The second machine in the VU is provided no-fee for Bank of America customers. These ATM's accept Accel, The Exchange, Plus System, Cirrus, MasterCard and Visa. They are available during the hours when the facilities are open and 24-hours a day for the one outside Miller Hall.

Vending Machines

Vending machines offering major brand beverages are available in the Viking Union Main Lobby. Additional Vending Machines are available in academic and housing facilities.


Located on the VU 6th floor, next to the stairwell.

Lounge/Study Spaces

Elevator Lounges

These mini-lounges, accommodating 4-6 people, are located adjacent to the elevators on the VU 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th floors. These lounges are open when the building is open.

7th Floor Skybridge

Accessed via stairwell and elevator from the main Plaza entrance, this area provides individual seating with views of Bellingham, the Canadian Coastal Mountains and the VU and PAC Plaza.

Gallery Lobby

Accessed via elevator or stairs from the main Plaza entrance, this area provides quiet individual seating adjacent to the VU Art Gallery on the 5th floor.

Activities Center Lobby

Accessed via elevator from the main Plaza entrance or stairs from the Gallery Lobby, this area on the VU 4th floor provides a combination of tables and chairs, as well as couches for individuals or small groups.

Underground Coffeehouse

With a view of Bellingham Bay, subdued lighting, comfortable couches and internet access, the Underground Coffeehouse is located on the third floor of the VU. Accessible by the main Garden Street/Main Campus elevators or via stairs from the VU Plaza, this popular student hangout provides designer sandwiches, Italian sodas, and Fair Trade coffee. The Underground Coffeehouse Program offers an eclectic mix of musical diversions and spoken word events three times a week during Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters.

Resource Centers

Activities Center

The Activities Center serves as a gathering place and base of operations for the dozens of clubs and organizations that are active at Western any one time. It also houses: computers, typewriters, telephones, work tables, file cabinets, and a leadership reference and resource library of books, handouts, and tapes. VU 425.

Child Development Center

The Associated Students' Child Development Center was founded in 1972 through the joint efforts of Western students, faculty, administrators, and staff. Providing care for children ages 2 through 5, the program is a student service operated by the AS and a professional staff composed of a director and four teachers. The primary purpose of the program is to help student parents continue their education, to provide a campus location for student practicum, to provide parent education, and to include parents in the daily care of their children. FH-11 & 12, (360) 650-3021

Environmental Center

The Environmental Center is here to provide resources to students and other community members about local, national and international environmental issues. We provide club support and volunteer opportunities, and facilitate student involvement in local environmental conferences and campaigns. VU 424, (360) 650-6129

Ethnic Student Center

Student programming offices form the core of the Ethnic Student Center (ESC). The founding clubs - African American Alliance, MEChA, Asian & Pacific-Islander Student Union, Native American Student Union and the International Students' Club - have been joined by a number of other ethnic student organizations. All of these groups provide individual, social, and culturally enriching activities to the campus community. They are open M-F from 8 am to 5 pm with a meeting room, lounge, collection of resources and full-time staff. VU 420, (360) 650-7271

Outdoor Center

This multi-faceted program is the centerpiece of the Associated Students' outdoor recreation offerings. Located on the first floor of the Viking Union, the Outdoor Center provides: instructional trips; books, maps, magazines, and videos; rental equipment, including kayaks, rafts, backpacking, and cross-country ski packages; a do-it-yourself (with help from the staff) bicycle repair and retail facility; and excursions from the channels and bays of the San Juan Islands to the slopes of Mt. Baker and beyond. The Center is open Monday through Friday when school is in session. VU-150, (360) 650-3112

Recycle Center

Operated by the Associated Students of Western Washington University, the Recycle Center has been in existence since the early 1970's, first as a student organization, then a program of the AS, and now a non-profit campus service. Academic buildings, residence halls, food service units, and campus-wide depots collect paper, plastic bottles, tin, glass and aluminum which contribute to Western's compliance with the Waste Not Washington Act. Operated by one professional staff member and dozens of students, the program has continued to grow each year. The Recycle Education component of the program provides on-going information to Western's recycling community. 2790 Taylor St., (360) 650-3088

Resource and Outreach Programs

The ROP is a group of Centers which provide accurate information and support to students at Western. Comprised of the Disability Outreach Center, Legal Information Center, Queer Resource Center, Sexual Awareness Center, Social Issues Resource Center, Veteran's Outreach Center, and the Women's Center, each Center is staffed by trained students who are committed to providing quality programs and information. The ROP is open during the Academic year when school is in session. VU 513, (360) 650-6127