Student Activities

Viking Union Student Activities

The Viking Union welcomes and engages students, faculty, staff, and guests in building a diverse community. We continually strive to enhance the Western Experience through supporting student leadership, campus involvement and creative expression, and by providing services and events in our venues.

Student Activities Administrative Staff


Kevin Majkut (Ret.) - Director of Viking Union Student Activities

Phone: 360-650-3452
Email:  email.gif
Office location: VU 546

Student Activities is committed to supporting students in developing a diverse palette of activities and services to enhance their experience at Western. Our philosophy centers around students having significant authority in determining and managing programs. In particular we support activities that provide students with employment experiences and support the development of students as active members of our democracy. As the Director, Kevin was responsible for the strategic planning, operational management, fiscal health and personnel of the department. He served as the primary advisor to the AS Board of Directors in addition to the Alternative Transportation Fee Committee, Green Energy Fee Committee, and other groups.  Kevin retired in June after 38 years at Western Washington University.  We wish him the best in the next chapter of his life.


Lisa Rosenberg - Assistant Director of Viking Union Student Activities

Phone: 360-650-6123
Email:  email.gif
Office location: VU 425A

I serve as the Assistant Director of Student Activities, and have direct advisement responsibility for a variety of AS departments, councils, and committees. These include the AS Personnel Office, Resource & Outreach Programs, Representation & Engagement Programs, Assessment Coordinator, Management Council, Personnel Committee, Structure & Program Advisory Committee, and the Election Code Review Committee. I also have supervisory responsibility for the AS Club System and AS Productions. I provide resources, training and support to students as they work to develop their leadership & professional skills while creating a vibrant campus environment through coordinating high quality programs, services, and student involvement opportunities.


Cindy Monger - AS Board Program Assistant

Phone: 360-650-3460
Email:  email.gif
Office location: VU 504

The AS Board Program Assistant is the only staff member in the AS Board of Directors Office. My job entails ensuring that the Board Office runs smoothly, supervising the three AS Board Office Committee Assistants, taking minutes at Personnel Committee and AS Board Meetings, disseminating information throughout the organization, and historical record keeping of Board Actions. My position provides continuity and helps facilitate communication between the 10 students in the office.


Casey Hayden - Student Activities Advisor

Phone: 360-650-2489
Email:  email.gif
Office location: VU 431

I serve in a dual role as the advisor for both AS Productions, the arts and entertainment programming office, as well as the AS Club Activities Office which supports the development of over 230 clubs. With both AS Productions and AS Clubs, I assist student leaders with the processes associated with event planning, such as budget development, contracting, risk management, fundraising, and assessment. I contribute to the leadership development of students involved in AS activities through one-on-one interactions as well as formal presentations. I also work to ensure that the AS activities under my purview are safe for the campus community and adhere to all applicable laws and policies. Students who are interested in forming a club consult with me prior to attending the AS Activities Council which is the body of students empowered to grant recognition and funding to clubs.


Raquel Wilson - Finance Manager

Phone: 360-650-6132
Email:  email.gif
Office location: VU 539

Responsible for managing and overseeing the operation of the Finance Office and staff which provides fiscal operational services for the Associated Students, the Viking Union and the Dean of Students. Generate data analysis and reports to support the Director of Student Activities, the Director of Viking Union-Facilities, and the Dean of Students in the management and operation of their departments. Advise VP Business and Operations, the AS Business Director and student organizations on process, budgeting procedures, development and implementation of policies and procedures.


Cynthia Meeks - Fiscal Specialist

Phone: 360-650-2750
Email:  email.gif
Office location: VU 538

I work with both students and staff here in the AS/VU Finance Office. I do Accounts Payable, meaning I execute all checks including personal reimbursements and direct payments to vendors. I process and track all Associated Students Contracts, and University Credit Card Purchases. I am here for guidance and customer service. This is a learning environment, come see me anytime with any Finance related questions.


Lisa Mirante - Fiscal Technician

Phone: 360-650-3150
Email:  email.gif
Office location: VU 538

My name is Lisa Mirante. I am a Fiscal Technician 3 in the AS/VU Finance Office at Western Washington University. As of September 30, 2013 I have worked at Western for 5 years. I started here as a temporary employee and was hired as a full time, permanent employee the following May. I process all AS student employee payroll, I book their travel, do all their purchasing and handle all cash for AS/VU operations and events.


Jamie Hoover - KUGS-FM General Manager and Advisor for the Associated Students Communications

Phone: 360-650-4771
Email:  email.gif
Office location: VU 705

The General Manager is responsible for the operational management of KUGS-FM (campus radio station) and KVIK (Associated Students Video Production Program). The General Manager develops and maintains policies, procedures, training/educational curriculum and programming that maximizes the benefits the programs’ provide to students, the University, and the local community. The Advisor for the Associated Students Communications Office participates in the reviews and development of the AS Communications Marketing Plan, advises the AS Communications Director and AS Public Relations Coordinator, and assists in all aspects of the AS Communications Office.