Parking Options

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Parking Options on Campus


For more information, visit Parking Services where you can apply for, manage, buy and refund permits, and view a parking lot map and the Parking Portal where you can access citations and parking permits.

Parking Information

Hourly Parking

Hourly permits are available for lots C, 6V, 7G, 11G, 14G, 17G, and 19G. Permits can be purchased at the pay stations or by using the Parkmobile app. Daytime hours are 7am to 4:30pm, Monday through Friday. 


Guest Parking

University Departments may purchase guest parking permits 24/7 online on Western's Parking Portal. Guests can purchase permits from 7am to 1pm, 11am to 4:30pm, or all day passes.

Staff, Faculty and Students are not eligible for this permit. Guests can use lots 12A, C, 22G, 24G, and 32G. If a guest has parking exceptions, they must be submitted before 3pm. These are handled by Parking Services-- not by the Western parking Portal. 

Exceptions are only given for:


State Vehicles




ET Lots




Vehicles with Exemption Plates

Arrival after 4:30pm

4:30pm to 7am Mon-Fri

Must have and display state placard

By request of ET Department only

Foundation donor, elected government officials & intersession

To get an exemption, complete the Online Guest Parking Exception Request Form


Commuter Coupon Code

Commuter Coupons Codes are redeemed at pay stations. To purchase your Commuter Coupon code, customers can visit Western's parking portal. These codes are only available for Faculty/Staff who use alternative transportation (walk, bus, bike, or belong to a WWU carpool) to get to campus, and only need to drive occasionally. One Commuter Coupon Code may be purchased per quarter, but the Coupon Code does not expire until the end of the annual school year. Each Commuter Coupon Code is valid for 10 days of parking.


Parking Permits

  • Permits are not needed in the C and 12A lots between 4:30PM and 7:00AM Monday - Friday and all hours on weekends
  • Permits are not valid in reserved spaces or lots reserved for an event
  • To obtain a permit customers must add themselves to the waitlist for their desired lot. Permits are awarded from the waitlist based on availability. Waitlist positions are ordered based on seniority (credits for students, days employed for staff and faculty). Awards are given through email notification.
  • Permits can be shared between individuals as long as only a single vehicle is parked at any given time for each permit. Up to five vehicles can be registered to a permit.
  • Parking permits and citations are not associated with student accounts. As a result, financial aid does not have the ability to pay for permits or citations directly.


Temporary Permits (Anyone)

These passes can be purchased through ParkMobile or at the pay stations. They are only valid for the lot they were purchased in, and cannot be moved to another lot after hours.


After Hours Permit (Students and Staff) 

On evening and weekends, parking is allowed in lots: 5G, 7G, 9G, 11G, 17G, & 19G. Student, Faculty and Staff parking is from 4:30pm to 7am Monday through Friday. On Weekends, the lots are open to permit holders all day.


Intersession Permits (Students and Staff)

Intersession permits are available for Students, Staff and Faculty who either do not have a current permit or those who like to park in a larger selection of lots during intersession. Intersession permits are valid in lots: 12A, 17G, 19G, 7G, 14G, 22G, 33G, 32G, 24G. Parkers with a current permit who do not purchase an intersession permit, should continue to park in their assigned lots.


Part Time Permits (Staff)

These permits are for Staff and Faculty who only need to park for half of the day. There are two time frames available to purchase: AM Permits from 7am to 1pm, and PM Permits from 11am to 5pm. To obtain a part-time permit, an employee needs to be awarded the opportunity to purchase a permit for their desired lot. Once they are awarded, they can buy a part-time permit by contacting the Student Business Office.