Study Spaces

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Study Spaces for Western Students

This is a short list of some of the best study spots both on and off the Western campus. These outdoor and indoor areas range from social group settings to quiet individual nooks. Though there are many spots listed here, there are always more to discover!

North Campus Study Areas

The Viking Union

The MPR is now available and configured for socially distant study spaces. 

There are many seating areas for studying in the VU, most of which overlook the bay. There are many food options in the VU as well, including Panda Express, Subway, VU Market and Vender’s Row.


Old Main, Floors 3-5

On the upper levels of Old Main, students can find tucked away quiet spaces conducive to individual study.


Carver Skybridge

On the second floor of Carver, the skybridge offers a wide open and quiet limited collection of large study tables. This space is great for both group and individual work. 


Red Square

When the weather is nice enough, Red Square is a perfect place to study while getting some fresh air, see friends, and soak up the sun.


Old Main Lawn

This large quad area outside of Old Main is a campus favorite study spot in the Spring. When the sun is out, the lawn is a great place to study in groups and socialize. 


Music Library - 2nd Floor, Performing Arts Center (PAC) 376 

At the Music Library, students can access a large collection of academic media useful for focused studying, including course reserves.


South Campus Study Areas

The Atrium

The Atrium is a great space for more social studying. It is located next to Starbucks, Subway, Topios and a POD market, perfect places to grab some food or a drink.


Academic West Skybridge/Upper Levels

There are wide open hallways in the skybridge and upper levels of the Academic West building where students can sit by themselves on comfortable chairs, or work together at small tables.


Communications Facility Computer Labs

Need access to technology for your studying? The upper levels of the Comm building offer several iMac labs where students can study quietly by themselves, or in groups.


Comm Lawn

When the weather is nice, the Comm Lawn is often full of Western students studying together and hanging out. Students can string up their hammocks between cherry blossoms and sit on top, or in the shade of, the famous Stairs to Nowhere.


Haggard and Wilson Libraries Study Areas

The Skybridge

Connecting Haggard Hall and Wilson Library is a large bridge with comfortable chairs and a great view. This spot is commonly used for group work.


Zoe’s Bagelry - 2nd Floor, Main Entrance, Wilson

In this student favorite social study place, students can access board games, books, and grab some food from the cafe.


The “Harry Potter” Room - 4th floor, Wilson

The ‘Harry Potter’ Room is known for its high ceilings, castle-esque architecture, and extremely quiet atmosphere. 


Reservable Study Rooms - Wilson Circulation Desk

Reserve a group study room and check-out keys at the Circulation Desk on Haggard Hall second floor. In these closed off rooms, students can collaborate and utilize smart boards and white boards, should they need it.

Hacherl Research & Writing Studio (RWS) - Haggard 210

At the Hacherl Research & Writing Studio, students can get support in their research and writing across all subjects. Students can even submit drafts of their papers to the RWS staff online and receive feedback on their work within 48 hours.


The Tutoring Center - Wilson 280

At the Tutoring Center, students can get free tutoring from trained peer facilitators for math and science GURs, and access tutor-facilitated study groups for courses with high tutoring demand.


The Map Room - 2nd Floor, Wilson

Whether you’re looking for a map or not, the Map Room is a great place to do some individual studying, or to work quietly in a group at a collection of longer tables.


Off-Campus Study Areas


Caffe Adagio - 1435 Railroad Avenue

Caffe Adagio is located downtown, next to an assortment of shops and restaurants. The cafe has plenty of comfortable group study space, filled with couches and large tables.


Baby Greens Cafe - 1201 Cornwall Avenue

The Babygreens Cafe is a great place for concentrated and refreshing studying, filled with natural light, numerous plants and the smell of fresh coffee. The cafe aims to create a small, urban business environment.

Boulevard Park / Woods Cafe - 470 Bayview Drive

Boulevard Park is a great place for outdoor studying, and boasts a great view. The Woods Cafe, located within the park, also offers a cozy space for students to study indoors while seeing all the same views.


The Co-op - 1220 N Forest Street

The Community Co-op offers both indoor and outdoor seating, hosting a large upstairs dining area. The Co-op also offers classes and events throughout the year, such as cooking classes.

Makeworth Market - 1201 N Forest Street

Makeworth Market is new to downtown Bellingham, and has multiple floors that are conducive to varied study environments. Students can study at large tables for group work, or at small tables for individual work. Makeworth also hosts music events and workshops.