Un/Felt virtual Art exhibit flyer

The VU Gallery proudly presents our last exhibition of the year, Un/Felt: 3D Forms in Fiber featuring Seiko Purdue's ART363 students! The pieces included in this exhibition are all either textile installations or fiber sculptures; felt-making was a requirement.

"Heart for a Brain" VU Gallery Virtual Art Exhibit

"Heart for a Brain" exhibit- cover image.

Heart for a Brain showcases the digital work of local Bellingham artist Brandon Santana. Inspired by the fashion and modelling industries, Santana’s photographs appear editorial. 

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Virtual video tour of the Viking Union

Welcome to the Viking Union! Join us for a virtual tour and get a sense of space and place. Look forward to seeing you there! Use your mouse or cursor to click and drag around the video to look around. Use your mobile device to move your view and take a look around!

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