Viking Union Core Beliefs

VU Organization Vision Statement

Inspiring discovery and community at WWU


VU Organization Mission Statement

  The Viking Union connects a dynamic and diverse campus community, providing welcoming and supportive spaces and activities that advance student leadership, community engagement, adventure, and celebration.


VU Organization Values and Principles

1.  Social Equity: equity and diversity, accessibility, eliminating marginality, respect, humility, open, supportive, appreciative, understanding, genuine care

2. Ecological Stewardship: interdependence, balance, honoring space and place, environmental stewardship, places of mattering, traditional wisdom, holistic thinking

3. Economic Resilience and Justice: stewardship of resources, health, collaboration, emerging technologies, shared leadership, partnerships, service, empowerment

4. Learning and Development: growth mindset, innovation, mindfulness, purposeful curriculum of the co-curricular, experience-based, student success, challenge and support

5. Celebration in Community: love, joy, hope, happiness, verve, zest, well-being, appreciation, strength, resilience, adventure