The Associated Students and Viking Union Policies


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  • Advertising

    AS Advertising Policy

    Policy Document
  • After Hours Use

    Access to AS offices located in the Viking Union

    Policy Document
  • Arts Gallery

    Policy for use of the Viking Union Art Gallery

    Policy Document
  • AS Branding Guide

    The AS Branding Guide was created by the AS Communications Office and the AS Publicity Center. It contains information about advertising, color schemes, fonts, etc.

  • AS Bylaws

    Associated Students Bylaws

  • AS Charter

    Description: The first Associated Students Charter (2010)

    Policy Document
  • AS Constitution

    This is the official constitution for the Associated Students of Western Washington University, or ASWWU.

  • AS Motorpool

    The AS Motorpool provides Associated Students' programs, support services, organizations, and Viking Union staff access to a variety of vehicles for outdoor recreation trips, cargo hauling, and passenger travel to meetings, conferences, and other events.

    Policy Document
  • AS Personnel Policy

    AS Personnel Policy for AS Student Employees

  • AS Program Standards

    The Associated Students of Western Washington University Program Office Standards exist to ensure effective stewardship of the AS mission and emulate the values, best practices, and responsibilities of student employees within AS Program Offices.

  • AS Reserves

    Description: AS Reserve Funds are used for specific purposes as indicated in Defining AS Reserves.
    Distributing AS Reserves is the procedure for the yearly distribution by the Business Manager.

  • AS Wage Policy

    This policy describes the hourly rate of compensation for all student positions funded by the Associated Students.

    Policy Document
  • AS Web Authoring Policy

    Description: The Associated Students encourages the use of the World Wide Web and, in particular, web pages to inform members of the Association and its constituents about the activities, services and offices of the AS The purpose of this policy is to clarify the responsibility of the AS Webmaster, and to provide guidance to the Associated Students and its constituents regarding the creation, maintenance and posting of AS web pages.
    This policy is under review.

  • AS WWU Senate Bylaws

    Bylaws of the ASWWU Student Senate.

    Policy Document
  • Board of Directors Parliamentary Procedures

    Description: Covers Parliamentary Procedures and Operational Guidelines for Meetings of the AS Board of Directors.

  • Carrying Over AS Funds

    Outlines the requirements and procedures for carrying over funds: the orderly transfer of funding from one fiscal year to the next fiscal year. The policy covers all AS budgets.

  • Club Fund

    This policy outlines the processes and procedures related to the establishment, maintenance, and dissolution of accounts within the AS Club Fund.

    Policy Document
  • Club Recognition Procedure

    This policy outlines the processes and procedures related to becoming a recognized AS Club.

  • Computing Guidelines, VU/AS Computers

    The purpose of this document is to highlight computing policies and procedures which may be specific to the Viking Union and Associated Students.

    Policy Document
  • Conference

    This conference policy governs all programs, organizations and clubs within the Associated Students that come under the jurisdiction of the Activities Council. It also includes employees and volunteers of the Recycle Center and AS Publicity Center. It does not govern AS Board members or the Business Office, Personnel Office, Election Board, Public Information Office and Standing Committee personnel, who are not eligible for Activity Council funding.

    Policy Document
  • Digital Signage

    Western Washington University recognizes the need for groups and individuals to communicate their activities, services, and ideas to the campus community, as well as the need to provide a visually pleasing and organized setting for the campus community to receive such communication. The Viking Union, in accordance with the above, has provided the following guidelines for use of the Viking Union Digital Signage System (DSS). The Viking Union is responsible for ensuring that scheduling for the system is provided in a fair and appropriate fashion.

    Policy Document
  • Election Code

    Associated Students Election Code

    Policy Document
  • Equipment USe

    The Viking Union provides equipment support for a wide variety of activities and events sponsored by University programs, groups and organizations.

    Policy Document
  • Exterior Space Use

    This policy is intended to provide for the orderly use of the exterior spaces on the campus of Western Washington University for the organized dissemination of information, production of planned events, and other activities which might have an impact on the normal operation of the University.

  • Exterior Space Use / Chalking - Guidelines

    The activities listed in these guidelines are subject to the provisions of the Exterior Space Use Policy, Posting Policy, or other scheduling and reservation policies and procedures that might apply depending upon the nature of the request, e.g., Viking Union/Student Activities/ Associated Students Policies and Procedures, WAC 516.

  • Food and Beverage Policy

    This policy covers the purchase of food, beverages, and related production costs with Associated Students funds in relation to events and activities.

  • Free Admissions

    This policy covers the distribution of complimentary and promotional tickets/passes for films, concerts, and all other events sponsored by the Associated Students.

    Policy Document
  • Gambling

    This policy covers the conduct of gambling activities by the Associated Students programs or organizations. These activities may be conducted as fund-raisers or event programs in accordance with the laws and policies of the State of Washington.

    Policy Document
  • General Services

    The Associated Students provides various central administrative services and resources to enable recognized programs, administrative offices, and organizations (clubs) to carry on their respective mandated and/or authorized activities. Since all services are funded through state funds (primarily student fees), these resources may only be used for official business related to the group or office purpose. Use for personal, private business, or other non-University purposes, except as noted herein, is a misappropriation of funds and a violation of policy and law.

    Policy Document
  • Information Desk

    VU Information Desk

    Policy Document
  • Key Issuance Policy

    The Viking Union is charged with the responsibility for providing access to its facilities for students, employees, and the general public. These policies are designed to provide necessary access while preserving the security of the facility, its occupants, and its contents.

    Policy Document
  • KUGS Policies

    Policies regarding KUGS FM 89.3 radio station.

    Policy Document
  • Lakewood Watersports Facility

    The Lakewood Watersports Facility serves as a center for general recreational use by members of the University community. The facilities and equipment may also be reserved according to the policies listed, provided that such scheduled use does not significantly interfere with open recreational use.

    Policy Document
  • Lost and Found

    The Lost and Found is designated as the University's central repository for items found in all campus facilities. Items are forwarded from other University departments and areas on a periodic basis.

    Policy Document
  • Mission and Philosophy

    The Viking Union/Student Activities area is responsible for providing advisement and management services for the Associated Students' governance, programming, human resource, community, legislative and organizational activities; operation of the Viking Union and related satellite facilities; policy advisement of the Cooperative Bookstore; coordination of retail food services; and the administration of policies governing student and campus activities.

    Policy Document
  • Periodical Dispensing Policy

    The Viking Union is the community center of the University and as such, provides a forum for diverse thoughts and multiple activities. Periodical dispensing units are provided in key locations within the complex for a variety of publications which are both internally and externally produced.

  • Posting Guidelines

    The AS Publicity Center will post a fixed number of posters on the reserved boards around the VU for no cost. Refer to this document or the posting guidelines page for details.
    Please note: These boards are reserved for Publicity Center posting only. Any materials not posted by Publicity Center staff will be removed from these boards. Drop off the appropriate number of items to be posted with the Information Coordinator in VU535.

    Policy Document
  • Posting Policy

    Description: Western Washington University recognizes the need for groups and individuals to communicate their activities, services, and ideas to the campus community, as well as the need to provide a visually pleasing and organized setting for the campus community to receive such communication. The Viking Union is charged by WAC 516-23-045 with the responsibility for establishing and enforcing University posting policies.

    Policy Document
  • Program and Services Recognition

    The Associated Students of Western Washington University are charged, by the Board of Trustees, with the responsibility for providing a framework for the development of a program of student activities in which student initiative and responsibility may find expression. Thus, in order to assure equal access to AS/WWU resources and to insure compliance with relevant laws and regulations, the following policies and procedures govern the recognition of organizations and programs at Western Washington University.

    Policy Document
  • Public Areas

    Public Areas

    Policy Document
  • Publicity Center/Printshop

    The Associated Students Printshop exists for the primary purpose of printing materials for the Associated Students organizations and Western Washington University students.

    Policy Document
  • Reservations and Scheduling

    The Viking Union is responsible for scheduling all University space for student activities and student organization use, as well as all Viking Union space and equipment.

    Policy Document
  • Sales of Goods and Services

    The purpose of this policy is to regulate the on-campus sale of goods and services to members of the University community while providing a campus market atmosphere. This policy shall not apply to the sale of goods and services by a person pursuant to a written agreement, involving the long-term lease, rental or use of University facilities, or to an activity that is part of a University-sanctioned program (e.g., art sales, crafts fairs, etc.). This policy shall not apply to private sales between individuals, which do not involve a general or public offer of goods or services for sale.

  • Strategic Plan, AS

    This comprehensive plan will set a strategic direction for the organization. It will include mission, values, and objectives of the organization.

    Policy Document
  • Student Office Allocation

    The Associated Students is responsible for allocation of student office space within the Viking Union Complex.

    Policy Document
  • Sunset Clause, AS Charges and Charters

    This policy sets timelines in which all charge and charters for committees, councils, and task forces established by the Associated Students (AS) Board of Directors must be renewed.

  • Tickets

    This policy shall cover the design, production, distribution, and sale of tickets for films, concerts, slide shows, lectures, and all other events sponsored by the Associated Students. The intention of this policy is to provide for a system that produces clear, legible, and auditable tickets.

    Policy Document
  • Travel Policy, AS

    This policy provides guidelines for all AS funded travel including conferences, workshops, meetings, club competitions, organization work projects, and transportation for visiting artists and speakers which enhance a particular organization's operations or the AS as a whole.

    Policy Document
  • Underground Coffeehouse

    The Underground Coffeehouse is a University Dining Services venue provided by the Viking Union located on the third floor. This space provides the University Community with a relaxed and comfortable environment where students and others may enjoy reading, playing board games, shooting pool or taking in a concert or poetry reading. Operation of the UGCH is provided by University Dining Services under administrative control of the Viking Union.

  • Viking Union Administrative Offices

    The Viking Union offices provide support services to all student use of Viking Union facilities.

  • Viking Union Student Employment Policy

    Viking Union Student Employment Policy

  • Viqueen Lodge

    The Viqueen Lodge is provided by the Associated Students as a leisure activity facility on Sinclair Island, south of Bellingham. Cabin and grounds maintenance are provided by volunteers of the Western Washington University community. The Viqueen Lodge program is currently under development, and we are not accepting reservations for the facility at this time.

    Policy Document