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Come be a part of the Viking Union team!

Our mission is that the Viking Union connects a dynamic and diverse campus community, providing welcoming, supportive spaces and activities that advance engagement in leadership, service, adventure and celebration. By guiding our VU student employees to achieve success via our rubric of outcomes, this mission is fulfilled daily with our staff community! 

Employment Outcomes and Goals

  • As a student employee of the Viking Union, you work in an environment that is flexible and supportive of your academic pursuits. 

  • As a student employee of the Viking Union, you will work in environment that creates a greater connection with WWU.

  • By being employed by Viking Union Student Employment, employees will develop a sense of community with fellow students and staff in the Viking Union.

  • Student employees work in service areas that are grounded in professional standards of practice.

  • As a student employee of the Viking Union, you work in an environment that is supportive of your identity. 

Professional Outcomes

  • As a student employee of the Viking Union, you will gain job specific knowledge and experience that can apply to a professional setting. 

  • As a student employee of the Viking Union, you will develop a professional work ethic grounded in a sense of responsibility and ownership.

  • As a student employee of the Viking Union, you will develop strategies for time management in balancing work, personal, and academic commitments.

  • As a student employee of the Viking Union, you will learn techniques and gain experience in working successfully within a large, diverse, organization.

Individual Outcomes

  • As a student employee of the Viking Union, you will exercise and develop effective communication skills (verbal, written, and auditory).

  • As a student employee of the Viking Union, you will gain confidence working in a professional setting.

  • As a student employee of the Viking Union, you will gain experiences and an understanding of the interdependence between people and their diverse identities.

Applying for Viking Union Student Employment

Welcome, prospective team members!


Click here to browse open Student Employment positions at the VU and WWU


Application Instructions - Please Read before you begin


Hello! We are excited that you are applying for a job with the Viking Union!

To ensure we get the best information from you we created this new fillable application to mimic a Resume and Cover letter. Please read all of the instructions carefully.



Step 1:

Download the form and save to your computer.

You will need to open in Adobe Reader.
*** If you attempt to open the application file in a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari, etc.), it will not save any text entered into the fields. ***

Adobe Reader is free to download, though if you encounter any issues or wish not to download it, you can use the Word version of the application.

Step 2:

Fill out the form using the instructions in each shaded text field. Instructions will not print, so feel free to leave sections blank if you do not have experience in that area. 

Step 3:

Save your application. Before sending, view the form in print preview—can you see everything you have typed?
We have experienced some issues with text entered into forms not printing. If this is happening to you, make sure that you take a screenshot or snip so that you don’t lose all of your work. You may paste the screenshots in word document and send that in.

Step 4:

Attach your completed form to an email and send it to

More Tips:

  • You are welcome to send in a cover letter of your own formatting, just make sure you answer the questions on the PDF version, as well as any others mentioned in the job listing for which you are applying.
  • Only the red boxes are required—it is acceptable to leave the other sections blank.
  • This application was created to mimic a resume and cover letter. In a resume it is important to get across your ideas in a short summarized format. Therefore, many text boxes are locked to only allow characters to fill the box.
  • Experiencing issues with the PDF form? Please feel free to use the MS Word version.
  • The Word version does not list all cover letter instructions. If you need help, simply open the PDF in your browser and follow along. For the cover letter, here are the four paragraphs:

1. Opening Paragraph: State the position you are applying for, 3-5 skills you have that
    directly relate to the position, and why you are interested in the position

2. In this paragraph, describe any experience you have, directly addressing the required

3. Describe any experience you have, directly addressing the preferred qualifications or
    additional required qualifications, or describe any related skills

4. Any additional information you'd like to share and closing statements. Type your name
    at the end, this acts as your signature that the statements in the cover letter are true.

Thank you for applying, we hope that this application helps you to learn more about resumes and cover letters. We look forward to learning more about you!

If you have more questions, please contact


Western Washington University (WWU) is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer
committed to assembling a diverse, broadly trained faculty and staff.

This application is formatted for screen reader accessibility.


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Please use the PDF version unless there are technical issues, in that case here is a word version to use.

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Some things you should know about student employment:

  • The wage level and average hours per week are listed within each job descriptions
  • If you are not presently enrolled at WWU, please provide info on when you will be an enrolled student in the cover letter.
    • If you are an incoming first-year or transfer student and have not yet registered, please mention this in your cover letter! The “Present Class Schedule” grid is intended to help with scheduling interviews, so if it does not reflect a class schedule for your upcoming first quarter at WWU, indicate this in the cover letter.
  • In general, any income that you receive would need to be reported on a future FAFSA as income and/or wages.  However, since the FAFSA uses prior prior tax year information it would take quite a few years before any income earned for the current calendar year would be required to be reported on the FAFSA. (Examples: 2024-2025 FAFSA - 2022 income; 2025-2026 FAFSA - 2023 income; 2026-2027 FAFSA - 2024 income). 
  • When classes are in session students can only work a maximum of 19 hours on campus (if you have multiple jobs, your hours cannot exceed 19 at WWU).
  • You must maintain a 2.0 GPA and at least 6 undergrad or 4 graduate credits.