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Academic Services

Academic Advising Center - Old Main 380

In the Academic Advising Center, students can receive help from professional and peer advisors in a wide range of topics, including course selection and registration, GUR progress, choosing a major/minor, and understanding Western's academic policies. Drop-in advising is available Monday-Friday 11am-2pm when classes are in session during the quarter. 


Accounting Tutoring Center - Parks Hall 336 

The Accounting Tutoring Center provides free accounting tutoring for ACCT 240, 245 and 341, facilitated by fellow accounting students who have completed ACCT 341 with a B or higher.


A.S. Bookstore - Viking Union 690

The Bookstore is located on the sixth floor of the Viking Union and is the central location for students to buy Western apparel, school supplies, and rent and buy their course textbooks.


Education Abroad - Miller Hall 208

Engaging with Education Abroad, students can meet with a staff or peer advisor to discuss financing a study abroad trip and investigate scholarship opportunities. The Education Abroad program guides students in demonstrating their knowledge, skills, and the abilities they gain upon completing their learning experience. 

Hacherl Research & Writing Studio (RWS) - Haggard Hall 210

The Hacherl Research & Writing Studio helps students find support in research and writing across all subjects, including scholarship essays. Students can submit drafts to the RWS staff online and receive feedback on their work within 48 hours.


Language Media Center - Miller Hall 022A

The Language Media Center gives students access to a Library that houses a large collection of language films and eBooks, Japanese books, and a set of iPad minis that are available for student and faculty check-out. In the reservable Language Computer Lab, students can access 20 PCs in lab format.


Math Center - Bond Hall 211A

The Math Center provides tutoring in mathematical subjects including calculus, linear algebra, statistics, and differential equations. Here, students can get special help from the Math Fellows, gain access to 10 computers equipped with math applications, and utilize Bond Hall 234 as a room for study or work on group projects. 


Music Library - Performing Arts Center 376 (Second Floor)

The Music Library contains more than 126,000 items, including books, bound periodicals, musical scores, records, DVD's and compact discs for student and staff usage. There are listening stations located throughout the library, and online via OneSearch. Additionally, students can access Course Reserves that include books, scores, records, compact discs, videos, issues of journals, instructor's personal copies of books, etc.


New Student Services/ Family Outreach Center (NSSFO) - Old Main 300

Through the New Student Services/Family Outreach Center, students can attend academic advising and orientation programs and get help navigating the completion of their checklist of required tasks and courses. For parents and family members, the NSSFO supports year-round communications, such as monthly e-newsletters and calendars, family orientation programs, and an annual family weekend event in the fall for students and families to have some fun on campus together.


Tutoring Center - Wilson Library 280

The Tutoring Center provides free tutoring by trained peer facilitators for math and science GURs, and supplies a wide variety of materials, including calculators, textbooks, and solution manuals, for use in the drop-in center. The Tutoring Center also arranges tutor-facilitated study groups for several courses with high tutoring demand.

Health and Wellness Services

Counseling Center - Old Main 540

The Counseling Center supports student success and psychological well-being through culturally sensitive clinical services, outreach, and consultation. The Center offers mental health services through assessment appointments, short-term individual counseling, crisis services, emergency services (available 24/7), group counseling, workshops, outreach programming, referral services and couples counseling. Additionally, the Center contributes to mental health professions by serving as a training site for graduate students in psychology and counseling.


Recycle Center

The AS Recycle Center acts as an on-campus recycling service, gathering and hand-sorting recyclables from approximately 650 barrels in the academic buildings, residence halls, and dining areas on campus. The Recycle Center is composed of an almost all-student staff, and aims to eliminate contaminant sources in the university's recycle stream before the materials go to Northwest Recycling, Whatcom County's recycling business.


Student Health Center - Campus Services, 2nd floor

The Student Health Center is the primary care medical clinic for Western, specializing in college health and providing an extensive array of services including preventive health care and management of health concerns, illnesses and injuries. The Health Center offers same day appointments every clinic day, and is staffed by a team of board certified family physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and support staff.


Wade King Rec Center

The Wade King Rec Center provides students and members access to a swimming pool, weight room, climbing wall, basketball courts, indoor and outdoor tracks, locker rooms and showers. Additionally, visitors can get food at the Rock’s Edge Cafe, pick up care packages, sign up for intramural sports, and attend non credit recreational and fitness classes.


WHOLE (Western Hub of Living Essentials)

With locations in Viking Union 513, CF 257, and the front desk at the Birnam Wood Community Building, Swipe Out Hunger (SOH) provides food options for students in need, thanks to the determined efforts of many campus departments, including Financial Aid, the Associated Students, University Residences, Aramark, and the Office of Sustainability. SOH offers students with on-campus meal plans the opportunity to donate their unused meal swipes to students who utilize the program.

Outdoor Center - Viking Union, 1st Floor

At the Outdoor Center, students, faculty and alumni can access adventure resources such as equipment rentals (packs, boots, camping gear, bikes, etc.), the bike shop, excursions, educational resources, and instructional clinics.


Technology Resources

Digital Media Center (DMC) - Haggard Hall 246

The DMC provides the campus with a facility and workshops for new media instruction and production. The Center includes a reservable TV studio with a green screen and cyclorama wall, green screen wall and floor cameras, control room, a lighting grid and a Virtual Reality HTC Vive machine.


Student Technology Center (STC) - Haggard Hall, 2nd Floor

At the Student Technology Center, students can attend workshops, schedule peer tutoring, and make use of manuals, tutorials and other advanced equipment and software to promote their learning. Working with faculty from all disciplines as well as knowledgeable Western students, the STC compliments Western’s curriculum by offering training in support of course requirements.


Western Card Office - Edens Hall, 1st floor

The Western Card Office serves students, faculty and staff, printing and reprinting Western IDs, Badges and Nametags for WWU Departments, acting as a Passport Photo Service, and as a lost and found for Western IDs. A Western Card is the I.D., access, and transaction card for Dining, library services, Rec Center access, student bus passes, ATUS Equipment Check-out, and more.

Community Opportunities

AS Club Hub - Viking Union 425

At the AS Club Hub, students can browse over 200 Western clubs, and even create a new one.

Inside the Hub, students can check out iPads that can be used to collect donations, ticket sales, bake sale sales, etc. in addition to a change fund. On the Hub website, there are links for, Expenditure Request forms, eMarket Site requests, University Dining Services Catering Exemption Request, WWU Box Office Ticketing, Agreement for Off-Campus Facility Rental Authorization Forms and AS Travel Forms.


Ethnic Student Center - Viking Union, 7th floor

The ESC supports ethnic students and their allies by providing a social and inclusive environment where they can explore their identities, and strive for cultural awareness, academic excellence and leadership. The ESC houses 19 diverse clubs that are open to students of all backgrounds. Additionally, the ESC lounge provides a comfortable lounging space, cable TV, desk space, computers, supplies, and a supportive staff.


International Students - Miller Hall 212

Western is home to about 180 International Students from over 35 countries, and offers these students with a wide array of services, assisting with immigration issues, practical matters (such as health insurance, employment, transportation), and social and cultural adjustment. Western promotes cross-cultural exchange, and invites anyone interested in global issues to engage with international students at events and to partake in programs such as the Buddy Program where international students are paired with US students who can help answer questions.


LGBTQ+ Western - Viking Union 753

LGBTQ+ Western works to advance the holistic thriving of Western’s diverse LGBTQ+ people by offering avenues to Pride Housing, Gender Neutral Housing, helping students with name changes and pronoun indication in the Personal Information section of Web4U. In addition to workshops, events, and consultation, students can link with Queer Connections; a support group for undergraduate and graduate students who are looking for a safe and confidential space to discuss issues related to LGBTQIA+ identities. 


Student Support

Career Services Center - Old Main 280

The Career Services Center provides students and alumni with resume and job search assistance, and helps them to gain internship experience, identify interests and explore careers. The Center encourages self-awareness and self-efficacy through developmental and compassionate group and individual counseling, while providing opportunities for outreach and marketing, connections to resources, presentations, workshops and career counseling.


Child Development Center (CDC) - Main Office in Fairhaven 11/12

The CDC provides quality care and education for children of Western’s student parents and working professionals, offering them a safe and healthy environment that supports the social/emotional, physical, and intellectual growth of each child. The CDC serves 56 children ages 2-5 each quarter, and supports students interested in careers in early childhood education by providing a place for service learning projects, classroom observations, practicum and internship experiences as well as educational outreach activities.


Disability Access Center - Wilson Library 170 

The Disability Access Center provides students experiencing visible and invisible disabilities with help requesting accommodations such as exams with accommodations, Alternative Texts, Read&Write and access to note taking services. The Center helps students grow to be confident, self-advocating, engaged members of society, who use their unique talents to enrich the communities that they live in.


Financial Aid Services Center - Old Main 265

The Financial Aid Services Center provides financial assistance to eligible applicants through grants, scholarships, work study, loans, or some combination of these student aid programs. The Center helps students navigate private loans, financial awards, and the requirements to finalize their rewards.


LEADS - Viking Union 432

LEADS works with graduate students, helping them to create a leadership eportfolio, and providing them with access to experiential courses and training, lectures and events, and participation in collaborative learning on and off campus that prepares students for leadership. LEADS, SOS and the ESC collaborate in order to address the challenges students face, who may be first generation, immigrant, from economically challenged families or diverse by race/ethnicity or other identifying characteristics, while recognizing the assets and strengths of these students simultaneously.

Office of Student Life - Viking Union 547

The Office of Student Life provides general assistance with problem solving and referrals, supporting students in crisis, processing dean’s letters and letters of recommendation and assisting students in understanding and navigating the University’s policies and processes including the Student Conduct Code.


Registrar’s Office - Old Main 230

The Registrar's Office fosters student success, ensuring the accuracy and integrity of institutional records, policies and procedures. Here, students can find information regarding available registration resources, policies, and directions needed to succeed when creating their quarterly schedule.


Scholarship Center - Old Main 285

The Scholarship Center offers drop-in visits with peer advisors and shows students and their families how to navigate and discuss scholarships and application questions.


Student Employment Center - Old Main 245

The Student Employment Center assists Western students in finding part-time work study and non-work study jobs, both on and off campus. The Center provides students with an opportunity to gain experience, explore career options, and to fund their education.


Student Outreach Services (SOS) - Old Main 387 

Student Outreach Services serves first-generation, multicultural and non-traditional students, offering them personalized academic advising and coaching, workshops, peer mentoring, cultural connections and specialized success programs to support student persistence and academic achievement.


Veteran’s Services - Wilson Library 165

Veteran's Services supports military-connected students with special benefits, financial aid, and resources that foster academic success and financial resources while promoting student development.