Digital Signage

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Western Washington University recognizes the need for groups and individuals to communicate their activities, services, and ideas to the campus community, as well as the need to provide a visually pleasing and organized setting for the campus community to receive such communication. The Viking Union, in accordance with the above, has provided the following guidelines for use of the Viking Union Digital Signage System (DSS). The Viking Union is responsible for ensuring that scheduling for the system is provided in a fair and appropriate fashion.

  • Documents submitted for upload to the Viking Union Digital Signage system should meet the following requirements: Finished slides must be sized to 1920 x 1080 pixels at 72dpi, (”1080p”). Static/still slides should be saved as a high quality PNG or JPEG file. Animated slides should be saved as an MP4 or SWF file. The bottom 72 pixels (1 inch) of each slide must be free of text to leave room for the moving news ticker.
  • All file names must include an end date, (date the slide should stop running). Please type “End x-xx” at the beginning of the file name. Example: End 2-20 Awesome event.png
  • All files shall be submitted via shared OneDrive, Google Drive link or via email attachment to  


Viking Union